Friday, July 26, 2013

Final statistics

Here are some statistics from the trip. They include how my day was spent, mileage breakdowns, pain levels, temperatures, speed, elevation, and slope.

Bike face

Here is another mashed together collage of post-bike faces. Enjoy.

More pictures

Here are some additional pictures from the last day of the trip.

Celebration day

It wasn't a full rest day because there were eight hours to drive, but Alia and I celebrated in New Orleans the day after hitting Amelia island. The celebration included dinner at John Besh's flagship Restaurant August, pinning a card with the trip website to the wall of the Old Absinthe House, and getting Beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

Week 9 faces

Here they are: the final post-bike closeups of the trip. Very cool. And for good measure, I'm including the first and last pictures of me on the trip.

Here is the first picture of me (in Washington)...

 ...and the last (back in Colorado)